About Les Jardins de Chantenay

The Developers

Senior Homes Ltd was founded in 2012 by Melanie Faugier and Herve Henry. Its mission is to welcome and host people requiring care in specialised structures.


In 2012, Senior Homes promoted and developed Les Jardins de Chantenay, Assisted Living Residences, situated in Moka, Mauritius. The residence includes 70 apartments from the studio to the 2 bedrooms and a frail care center of 8 beds.

The residents share common facilities such as a dining room, lounges, a library, a card room, a gym, a guest suites etc.

Since 2014 les Jardins de Chantenay is in operation and managed successfully by Senior Homes.

The directors
Siting : Melanie Faugier and Herve henry
Standing : Julien Maurel and Sarah Heller

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