Senior Day Care

Les Jardins de Chantenay extend their services to the Elders with an adult day centre. An adult day centre enables people living with Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive impairments (i.e.: vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease dementia) to experience companionship while receiving needed health services. The day care centre is opened from 8am to 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Beneficiaries are welcomed for a period of half a day to several days a week.

This non-residential facility offers a safe place to be social and to participate in activities such as memory games, gardening, art-therapy, gentle exercise, musical entertainment, local outing among other things. These activities are supervised by a skilful and multidisciplinary team: carers, occupational therapist, psychologist... The aim is to preserve their cognitive and motor skills, and therefore to enhance their family life and comfort at home. Also, the centre provides fresh and nutritious meals, approved by our nutritionist.

An adult day centre is beneficial to the Elder but also to his caregiver: a spouse, a child, a brother or sister…. It gives an opportunity for caregivers to have a much-needed break in which to work, attend to personal needs or simply rest. Support groups will be planned regularly to assist the caregivers in their journey.

Transportation can be organised depending on the beneficiary’s place of residence. Moreover, a personalised service (medical/paramedical appointments, health services and many more) can be catered for the adult day centre users. Les Jardins de Chantenay have their heart set on preserving the well-being of their elders and their caregivers.

Meet Laurence Kisnorbo

Laurence Kisnorbo is a clinical psychologist, specialised in psychogerontology and the manager of the new senior day care of Les Jardins de Chantenay. After graduating from Bordeaux university, she decided to come back to Mauritius to work with elders. Fortified by her experience acquired in nursing homes in France as well as within the Mauritius Alzheimer’s Association, she joined Les Jardins de Chantenay team in 2018. Her professional activity extends beyond Chantenay since Laurence Kisnorbo is an Eden Alternative certified trainer, an international organization who combats loneliness, helplessness and boredom amongst elders.

Always available and attentive to the residents of Chantenay, Laurence’s mission is to improve their quality of life and make them feel at home. Individuals sessions, neuropsychological assessments, various activities such as memory games and movie sessions are part of her missions. She also takes part in the training and team spirit of LJDC health team.

“There is no greater happiness than to be loved by others, and to feel that your presence is a joy for them” (Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre) is Laurence’s watchword, both in her personal and professional life. It guides her on a daily basis in order to give the best of herself for the benefit of the residents of Les Jardins de Chantenay.


Email your admission request to: or the 434 28 00 or 5943 5422. This adult day centre is managed by Laurence Kisnorbo, clinical psychologist, specialised in psycho-gerontology.

Senior Day Care

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