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Our Medical Center

Set within the tranquil grounds of Les Jardins de Chantenay, our light and airy health care center is open to anybody whether one is a resident or not.  The center is designed to cater for a maximum of only 12 clients, assuring our patients of the utmost privacy and attentive, personal service. The air-conditioned center is equipped to international standards of modern comfort. Each room comes with its own television, offering Wi-Fi and a choice of entertainment channels.

A better way to get better

Post-Operative Care and Respite Care are two very good reasons why many people also benefit from a short stay in one of our apartments. Our Convalescent Care Program is a service specifically created to enable the best possible recuperation after periods of illness or after an operation. Les Jardins de Chantenay also offers vital short-term respite care, meaning you can rest assured that your loved one will benefit from a break, as much as you will enjoy your well-earned time off.

Convalescence Care

Les Jardins de Chatenay is possibly the most perfect place to recuperate after an operation or illness. The pace of life in our residence is reassuringly comfortable. Set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens, our medical center disposes of 13 en-suite furnished rooms all of which have a view or direct access to our garden. Our Team of Health Care Professionals, comprises of highly trained visiting doctors, nursing officers, carers, physiotherapists, counselors and so on.

Respite Care

If you care for an elderly family member, the value of quality respite care can never be underestimated. Carers should never feel guilty about taking a break. Not only will it help avoid stressful situations, it does wonders for morale. At Les Jardins de Chantenay we understand this more than most. Whilst our beautiful, purpose-built residence is the permanent home for many retired people, we also have the facility to accommodate those elderly people who need or want to give their normal carer a well-earned break. A short stay at Les Jardins de Chantenay is also an ideal solution for those who are well enough to leave hospital but not yet well enough to go home.

Palliative Care

Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff offer peace of mind to clients, and their friends and families. The health care center is a perfect haven to recuperate or – when the time comes – to pass with dignity and respect.

Medical Center Services

Medical Center Services can include one or more of the following:

  • Assistance with hygiene/bath/shower/wash/mouth care/hair care/nail care/dressing and undressing
  • Assistance with incontinence care/toileting
  • Assistance with nutritional needs/feeding/tube feeding/nasogastric feeds
  • Assistance with mobility/assisted walking/exercise/transferring
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers: Risk identification and prevention
  • Maintaining homeostatic/preventing dehydration/monitoring of intake and output
  • Preventing injuries and falls: Risk identification and prevention
  • Care of wounds
  • Order, receive, administer and monitor medication and the effect of the individual
  • Care and nursing reports on every individual
  • Complete assessment on every individual with admission
  • Individual lifestyle care plan for each individual
  • Re-assessments on the individual with change of health status
  • Referral to external support services as and if needed